Elizabeth Andrews : Escape Training Drill

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
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Dynamic Inventory Diagnostics has always been very concerned about the safety of their employees, especially the Secretaries. Recently at a board meeting one of the Bosses brought up a very interesting question. A majority of the secretaries are tied up multiple times through out the day and if there was ever an emergency, then what. So, they all decided that we should start escape training. Only to be used in case of emergencies. There would be solo training and dual training exercises. Today is my first escape drill.I’m wearing a really short sweater dress with white slingback high heels. The dress is so short that you can see the control top of my silky suntan pantyhose when I sit down. I hope that it distracts the Boss a bit and he goes easy on me – though that won’t help me in the future. He comes into the room and gives me instructions on what we will be doing. He then tells me if I don’t get out then he is going to hold me down and tickle me relentlessly. I’m not sure that is much incentive for me to escape ;)Mr. Big Boss ties my arms behind my back. I sit back down in the chair and he ties my ankles together. He then shoves a huge pair of panties in my mouth and uses micro foam tape to keep the panties buried deep inside. He tickles me and I start to laugh behind the huge mouth filling gag. The Boss adds one more rope to my predicament. He loops a piece around my wrists and pulls it under the chair to connect at my ankles. Now, it’s time to see if I can get out.I struggle and wiggle in my knots to see what leeway I have. I try to reach the knots on my wrists but with the extra rope added – it’s impossible to find. I’m quickly getting frustrated with this exercise and I express them behind my gag. I keep struggling and thinking of ideas to get loose. The Boss comes in and decides to remind me what is to come if I don’t succeed in my challenge. I laugh, squirm and wiggle trying to get away from him while at the same time getting pissed that he is trying to distract me from my task at hand. Once he leaves me to get back to it, I slide my arms off the back of the chair hopping to be able to slouch down and reach the knot at my ankles. If I can just get my wrists and ankles undone then I can flee. Or I might just put myself in a situation where I am completely stuck. Do I get free or am I destined to be the victim of a tickle battle?

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