Dreams Come True – Part 7

In a special, three-part episode, Jared continues to lash Bradley’s back and ass with the single-tail whip, making the kid scream and moan. Our client, watching on close-circuit TV thousands of miles away, is going crazy with desire. He orders Jared to strip and force the kid to suck him off. Jared gladly complies, emerging from the shadows with a raging hard on. Jared forces Bradley’s mouth onto his rock-hard cock. “You are going to make me cum or I’ll whip you twice as hard. Do you understand?” Jared asks, looking down into the boy’s sad eyes. “Yes,” Bradley replies, going down on the dominant man. The kid sucks cock like a natural and soon Jared busts a huge load of cum all over Bradley’s baby-smooth chest. Moments later Bradley is chained to a wall, legs spread, arms overhead. His reward for being such a good cocksucker: another whipping and a good, hard ass-fucking, this time with a steel-ball dildo. Next week: Single tail to the chest and abs.

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