Dreams Come True – Bradley – Scene 8 – Full HD 1080p

Bradley is a dream-come-true for anyone who fantasizes about torturing the perfect teen heartthrob: a beautiful, blonde, 18-year-old swimmer, fit and lean, with flawless, creamy skin shaved smooth. The kid is dazed from hours of abuse but still strong and full of life. As the single-tail whip, expertly wheeled by Jared, cuts into his body, Bradley absorbs the pain with quiet intensity. He doesn’t scream , but you can see the agony in his moist eyes and on his beautiful face. The blows from the whip keep coming, followed by mists of . Then Jared covers the boy’s nipples, cock and balls with nasty pins – and continues to whip him. Bradley is almost delusional with pain, but he hangs on. This is one tough boy. Next week: Crucified again.

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Duration: 19:27
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