DreamboyBondage Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 9

Nineteen-year-old Matthew Connor was a virgin when he came to Anthony Martin’s dungeon. He had kissed a boy and sucked a few cocks, but his boy-hole had not been touched. Not anymore. On his first day as Anthony’s slave, his asshole was pounded by his young master’s massive, erect cock. And now he is being fucked by a machine with a huge dildo mounted to a steel-pole. The device is like a jack-hammer, fucking the poor boy constantly for 20 minutes. Anthony sits back and laughs, slapping his victim’s ass as it’s pummeled. Matthew moans and rocks as he’s fucked, his eyes rolling back into his head. Anthony finally turns the thing off but leaves the dildo rammed up the boy’s ass, then leaves him to suffer alone, a true fuck-slave who exists for one purpose: pleasing a sadist with a taste for beautiful boys.

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