DreamboyBondage Joseph & Hunter – Straight Bros – Chapter 1

Kevin Ford has given himself a very special birthday present: Two hot, young, straight men, Joseph and Hunter, a pair of typical “bros” who hangout and cruise for women together. Now they are strung-up together in Kevin’s dungeon. Both are 21-year-old pretty boys, in that way modern straight guys are: They “man-scape,” wear jewelry and spend money on their hair. Joseph, the lean, athletic one, is a total heartbreaker and more than a little vain, experimenting with “frosted tips” as a way to standout even more. Hunter, much smarter but not quite as pretty, resents being Joe’s wingman, getting his castaways, always in his shadow. Kevin knows this and uses it. He is not only going to turn these boys into his sex slaves, he’s going to enjoy watching Hunter do the same to Joe.

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