DreamBoyBondage – Chris – Part 5 Fucked senseless

With the cum fresh from Jared’s cock drying on his chest, Chris begs his tormentor not to fuck his asshole with the massive dildo just dangled in front of him. The rubber phallus has just penetrated his virgin sphincter when Jared gives it a shove, making Chris moan in agony as he’s fully penetrated for the first time. With his legs mounted high, stretching his asshole, and his arms chained behind his head, there is nothing Chris can do but accept the abuse. He is fucked like a cheap whore. Despite the pain and humiliation of being ass-fucked for the first time, with his prostate stimulated and Jared’s expert hands working his cock, Chris can’t help but get rock hard and bust a load of cum all over his abs. Jared stands up, smiling. “Now I’m going to whip you,” he tells the whimpering, brutalized boy. Next week: Brutal flogging.

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