Double Crossing Asiana Starr Gets Me Jacked Up

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

My partner gorgeous Asianna Starr and I are clothed in our shiny skin tight catsuits. We find a house to rob and tip toe inside. I tell the sexy Asian to check some rooms while I do the same. The house is loaded with electronic equipment – what I score!!! I enter another room and am shocked to see an entire wall of BDSM and sex equipment. I decide to make Asiana my bitch and get rid of her so I can take the entire haul. I grab a piece of rope and quickly bind her arms together behind her back. This score is mine honey – nothing for you!!! Asiana struggles as I her down onto the floor. You dumb bitch – should’ve run away while you had the chance. I add a tight crotch rope and secure her wrists down with it splitting her sweet pussy in two giving the bimbo a camel toe. Everytime she struggles and moves her wrists the crotch rope tightens. I cross her booted ankles and bind them then put my ex partner in a cruel hogtie. I gag her with one of the huge ballgags hanging on the wall and leave her bound and gagged on the floor while I go off to rob the place. I open the door to enter the home and am assaulted by a big strong bald man the homeowner. He’s got me in a brutal choke hold and I try to blame the whole thing on Asiana, but he’s not buying my bullshit. The bastard roughly ropes up my arms crushing my poor elbows together. He shoves a ballgag into my mouth shutting me up and continues to rough me up. The kinky creep pushes me down on the floor next to helpless Asiana and continues to rope me up. Asiana rolls towards me and tries to untie my hands, but her efforts are useless since Martin Williams in completely in charge here. He hogties me and then reties Asiana’s bondage making it tighter and more painful. He tells us he needs to think about the situation and what to do with us … leaving us brutally hogtied on the filthy floor sobbing into our gags.

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Duration: 17:24
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