Deviance – Part 8

Jared loves nothing more than breaking a deviant boy like Michael DelRay. Actually, it’s pretty fair to say he broke Michael days ago when he forced the young stud to suck his cock and eat his cum. But Jared is a stickler for completing tasks, and he is not just going to break Michael, he is going to break him completely, making him suffer so profoundly he’ll never be quite the same. Jared places a noose around Michael’s ball sack, then starts adding the weight – five, then ten, then twenty, then thirty pounds, making Michael scream and buckle. His balls feel like they are going to rip free! Jared loves watching Michael’s boyish torso, deeply scarred with whip marks, arch and tremble. Then, with Michael’s scrotum stretched to its ripping point, Jared whips the boy’s chest and stomach with the single tail again and sprays the fresh wounds with alcohol. Next Week: Jared’s new sex slave!

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