Deviance – Part 5

Michael stands in a new room, chained to the floor, his wrists locked in leather cuffs roped to the ceiling. He is completely naked and alone. He looks behind himself for a moment and sees an entire wall covered with whips, chains, leather gags and other instruments of torture and bondage. “Holy shit,” he mumbles to himself. Then he hears a voice. “Hello Michael!” It’s Jared, the man who has been torturing him. “You’re not done with your punishment, yet,” Jared says with a smirk, pushing a button on an electric winch that raises Michael’s cuffed wrists high above his head. Over the next 30 minutes Michael’s back and ass are sliced with not one but two vicious bull whips by Jared’s expert hand. His fresh wounds are sprayed with alcohol – which feels like liquid fire – then he’s whipped again. This cocky porn star has never suffered like this before. And boy is it beautiful.

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