Rose Redde wasn’t sure what to expect when Master James asked her if she was ready but she was determined to leave having learned how to be more compliant. She carried herself very upstanding and confidently and chose her words with precision and beyond her 22 years of life. Master James knew immediately that he needed to bring her to her knees and break the image that was standing before Him. On all fours, he places a shaped steel bar on the back of her neck and slides a cincher bar tight against the front while he lowers the two end points into the receiving pipes that are fastened to the floor. Hands on the deck, ass up, legs spread and bit gagged for good measure he lifts her dress to expose her round ass. A few cane strokes to see how much fight she has in her and he realizes her dress has got to go… he uses His knife to make sure no one else will have to witness the loud distracting polka dots ever again. Taking a large scrap of it, he stuffs her mouth and tapes it in place with electrical tape…

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