DBB Jeremy Spreadums Harder Sir Harder Complete

Release Year: 2018

Jeremy Spreadums gets paid big bucks to dance on stage and perform on film. He keeps his body is perfect condition and turns heads at the gym and the club. He’s a hot piece of ass and he knows it. But, deep inside, he knows he’s just another bottom, a slave who deserves to be punished – for his arrogance and his self-regard. He has fantasied for years of being beaten and tortured, to truly suffer, for no other reason than his beauty and his sex appeal. Today, his wish finally comes true. He’s bolted to a wall in our dungeon and flogged on his pecs, stripped naked and flogged some more. “Harder, sir, harder!” he begs as the flogger digs into his flesh. “You deserve this pain, boy,” his master, Felix Frost, tells him. “Yes, sir!” Jeremy replies, his body trembling with pain. And the pain is going to get much, much worse – more than he can handle. But first Felix is going to enjoy that cock. Next week: Unbelievable flogging.

Total size: 4.5 GB in 11 files.

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