Custom Order – Mark – Scene 7 – HD 720p

Jared continues to bullwhip Mark’s muscular back and ass, making the young man shriek in pain – especially when a thin midst of is applied to create an extra level of agony. We love how Mark’s thick blonde mane flops around in front of his face as he shakes and yelps. Mark is 100% straight. His fine, supple ass has never been fucked – until now. Jared’s master wants this boy totally humiliated and orders Jared to not simply fuck him, but to fuck his virgin ass with a rigid, unbending “punishment dildo.” Marks screams as he’s . Then, as Mark’s final humiliation, his faceless master orders him removed from the pillory only after he agrees to pump out another load of cum, right after his brutal fucking. Mark does not disappoint. Next week: An Italian boy.

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