Crotch Roped Then Crotch Taped – Chi Chi Medina – Scene 1 – HD 720p

Chi Chi’s captor walks her into a small shed with her arms bound behind her back. He shoves her up against a post and ties her to it at her waist. He ties a thin length of twine into her hair and ties it to a ring bolted at the top of the post. He ties a rope to each ankle and then pulls her ankles apart and ties them off to rings bolted to the floor. He is soon oiling down her tight tan body. He works it in by hand, roughly groping her tits and ass as he does. He steps away for a while and watches his bound captive struggle and moan. As good as she looks, he realizes that something isn’t quite right. He returns and releases her waist and ankles. He turns her around and reties her wrists around the post. He pulls a shop rag out of his pocket and shoves it in Chi Chi’s mouth. He wraps clear tape around her head and mouth to make sure it stays there.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:44
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