CorbinFisher – Connor Fucks Brody

Sometimes, you don’t know what will make a scene click. The pairing, the mood of the guy, or even just a really great blow job. Sometimes something simply ramps up the intensity – even if the guys already know each other. I’m not sure what kicked in between Connor and Brody today, but it was one of the hottest and most aggressive poundings I’ve seen in a while.

Connor kisses Brody, moves down to kiss and bite his nipple, then back up to kiss his neck. He straddles Brody’s chest so Brody can swallow all of that long dick straight down his throat. Connor pulls Brody’s head closer, and smacks his mouth with his cock.

Brody hangs on to Connor’s perfect ass, and sucks his thick shaft. And suddenly, that was all Connor needed for foreplay! He pushes Brody down on the corner of the bed, lubes up and dives in. Brody arches his back to take every inch of Connor’s dick.

Connor does some dick pushups while in Brody’s ass, and pulls him into more of a doggy-style position, coming at him from almost a side-angle. “Wow,” Connor says, loving the feeling of Brody’s tight ass.

Holding on to the bed, Brody’s stiff dick bounces as Connor fucks his ass. Connor drills deep and sensing Brody can take anything he can dish out, smacks his ass and jackhammers his cock. Connor is fucking him as hard as he can. The bed nearly rocks off the frame. I’m not sure when I’ve seen him pound anyone this hard, but it’s an awesome sight!

Connor slams the fuck out of him for a while, then tells Brody he wants him to ride his dick. Brody gets up in a reverse cowgirl and Connor again pounds him with no mercy. Connor’s always an aggressive guy, but this is almost unprecedented.

He slows down to make Brody feel every thrust. Brody’s rock-hard cock slaps against his ripped abs. Connor says, “You like getting fucked, huh? I bet you’d rather just fucking be fucked all the time.” Brody can’t argue – especially with all that hot cock in him!

Brody is getting owned by Connor and loving every second. Connor suggests he get on his side and Brody says “I wanna be fucked any way.” Damn right he does! He drills him from the side and it’s not long before Brody is over the edge.

Brody shoots his load while Connor is balls-deep in him. After fucking the cum out of him, Conner says, “ I want to cum in your mouth so bad.”

Connor thrusts a few more times and then quickly pulls out. He shoots his load in Brody’s mouth. Brody licks the shaft clean and you can tell Connor’s dickhead is super sensitive right now – but he still grabs Brody’s head and forces his mouth to lick even further down his shaft.

Connor forces Brody back down on the bed and kisses him. “That was so great,” Brody says.

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