Colton Part 6

It’s amazing how a simple bar stool can be turned into an instrument of torture with just a few short pieces of rope. The 18-year-old Colton is bent over and tied to the stool, his wrists roped to the lower ring usually used as a foot rest, his ankles roped to the ends of the stool legs, bent to make it more stable. His cock and balls and roped to the top ring of the stool, place at just the right level to give his ball sack a nice stretch. In fact, the bar stool provides the perfect bondage platform for displaying Colton’s fine, white ass, letting Matt spread his cheeks and check out his hairless little hole, and for exposing his ass and back to the whip. Today, Matt is going to use a rope as a whip, like the Navy captains of old. Matt smacks the boy’s ass, then his back, varying the rhythm so Colton never knows what’s going to happen next. The rope cuts like a knife and poor Colton can do nothing but endure it, hoping against hope that the guy beating him will get bored and let him go. Maybe someday, but not today.

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