Colton Part 5

After enjoying torturing Colton’s cock and balls, inner thighs, nipples, chest and stomach, Matt decides it’s time to focus on his back and ass. He flips the gagged boy around on the bondage pole and spreads his ankles with a homemade spreader bar – a two-by-four with eyehooks – making Colton clench his butt just enough to dimple his ass cheek. He is also gagged, as he has been from the beginning. Matt loves Colton’s muffled moans. Now it’s time to up the volume. Matt smacks Colton’s fine ass, shapely upper legs and tapered back with his short but very nasty flogger, eliciting some loud squeals and delicious cries. He takes a break from the whip every few minutes to caress Colton’s soft, boyish skin, now hot from the whip, and to squeeze that firm butt. Then he gets out his much larger and even nastier flogger.

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