Colton Part 4

Colton is immobile and helpless, in complete darkness, a naked boy mummy, wrapped from head to toe in plastic, gagged with duct tape and blindfolded. The only sensory connection he has with the outside world is the feel of rope man Matt’s rough hands on his cock, which pokes out through a rip in the plastic. The poor boy is so utterly helpless he can do nothing but wiggle and whimper. Then, out of the blue, he feels the biting needles of the pinwheel – up and down his flaccid dick, then all over his balls, tightly squeezed in Matt’s hands. Matt loves keeping his boy bound like this, terrified and completely at his mercy. When he gets bored with Colton’s cock and balls, he moves to his nipples, slicing the plastic above each little raspberry of boy flesh – then attacking them with the pinwheel, making Colton scream with agony through his gag.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:01
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