Cobie: Night Interrupted

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

The secretaries at D.I.D. all want to be in the favor of Mr. Big Boss. So, when Cobie is asked to visit Mr. Big Boss at his house she is elated! Thoughts about how they are going to spend their evening run through her imagination. Scenes of a candle lit dinner and romance make her giddy, but that is not what she encountered when she arrived. A latex outfit was placed out for her to wear and as Cobie enters Mr. Big Boss’s living area she complains about how short her skirt is. Mr. Big Boss doesn’t agree and thinks her outfit is quite nice. This isn’t how she wanted to spend her evening. She understood bondage at the office because it made the day go by faster and helped relieve tension of the workplace, but she was hoping for something different when visiting the Boss at home. Other than the Boss not wearing a suit, nothing was different. He quickly bound her arms behind her as she protested. To quiet her protests, he shoved a big black ball gag in her mouth. She was against the wall as he tied her legs and ankles together in a crossed manner. Then Mr. Big Boss made her stand there and endure the balance issues she was likely to encounter. She pleaded to be let go from the tie, but Mr. Big Boss declined and instead put her on the floor. He cinched her arms to her body with another piece of rope and bid her farewell for a short while. Cobie fought against the ropes hoping to loosen them. She made progress with her ankles and decided she would try to escape from Mr. Big Boss’s house. Little did she know, this was only the start of the bondage games he had planned for her that evening…

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Duration: 13:42
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