Cobie : Leather Strap Hogtie

Genres: BDSM,string,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

It is finally Cobies turn to experience a leather strap hogtie and she eagerly awaits Mr. Big Boss in the lounge area of the office dressed in tight black latex and six inch heels. Shes at first laced into the leather armbinder and after the yoke is attached, Mr. Big Boss steps back to appraise his work before grabbing a head harness panel ballgag. Placing it in her mouth he then sets to work strapping it into her mouth and around her head. He gives her a parting grope and heads off to make sure things are still running smoothly everywhere leaving Cobie to struggle and moan in the office. When he returns he places her feet in ankle cuffs and hobbles them making her to walk in short metered steps accentuating her bondage. Finally with her high heel training complete shes moved to the ground where shes blindfolded and her gag reattached. Her ankles are clipped to her head harness and shes pulled sharply backwards into a tight arch. After watching her a bit he steps up and straps her into the hogtie even tighter before stepping back to watch her hold the tightly bowed arch. Cupping her chin he tells her its time for his lunch break and heads off leaving her with a slight chuckle behind the ballgag from her as she knew this was how things would play out. Cobie is left to wonder how long shell be in her tight hogtie.

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