Clean Up Boys – Scene 1 – Julius and Parker – HD 720p

Julius has only been cleaning the dungeon for a few weeks. At first, he was freaked out, but now he finds himself totally turned on by all the kinky apparatus. Plus, he is really turned on by his sexy co-worker, Parker. He’s so obsessed he decides he will actually kidnap the boy – and use him to act out all his kinky fantasies. One night, when the two are alone, Julius jumps his prey and him with a -soaked rag. He rips off Parker’s clothes, leaving him in just his boxers, then drags him over to his favorite prop – the “mummy tomb” – and seals him behind its steel bars, instinctive and entombed. Parker awakens an hour later, dazed and confused. “You’re my bitch now! Start acting like it!” Julius yells. Parker is terrified and does exactly what he is told. “Take your fucking boxers off!” Julius demands, eyeing up his sexy bondage boy. Parker strips, getting even more terrified but feeling a strange tingle in his cock. Master Julius then strips as well – and Parker to suck his dick through the bars of the tomb. His fantasy becomes complete when he gets his mouth on his entombed prisoner’s dick, too.

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Duration: 11:08
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