Cherry’s Bad Day part 2

DungeonCorp and SocietySM present a BDSM fantasy feature starring Cherry Torn, Dick Chibbles, Bane and Ogre…Everyone has bad days…times when things just arent going well…Cherry thought it was a bad day when her boyfriend got arrested and she had to beg her friends for a loan to bail him out…the next day was pretty bad too…he packed what he could and fled the country without her…but nothing compared to the day after that…blindfolded, gagged and roped in the back seat of an unknown car, Cherry anticipates a much worse day today…the driver takes her to an empty house and leaves her tied up on the floor…someone wants to know where her boyfriend is…and they’ve hired a crew of motley interrogators to extract the information…Cherry hangs tough through grueling questioning and electrical shock motivation…but it turns out to be for naught…they get the information they need from a different source…now what to do with this beautiful piece of ass? she’s gotta be worth something to someone…time to put the word out…hot blonde whore for sale.

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