Cherry: There is No Substitute part 2

After plenty of recent shoots with first time players, working with Cherry Torn was a great release for me…She is a finely tuned itallian sports car…as a driver, you know you can get in, stomp the gas, tear the wheel and hammer the brakes and she will perform smooth and sweet…truly…Cherry is a pleasure to drive…I enjoyed every moment of control that I took from and used against her…and she offers no resistance…only an anxious sweetness about her…I bundled her up, stretched her back, bent her over and spread her out…just the bondage and positions in these scenes was it’s own uncomfortable and constant torment…Cherry showed up with marks on her ass…I think I have a new rule….if you show up with marks on your ass, you’re going to leave with more than you arrived with…I liked that it gave me an excuse to really push the impact play in a couple of the scenes…and Cherry was a good enough sport to go along with my twisted reasoning…like i said…no resistance…alas…Cherry is back into independent model mode and we allready have a FuckingDungeon appearance lined up for her in December.

Format: m4v
Duration: 8:38
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