Cherry Bussom Rides the Part 2

I remove Cherry’s ballgag and I am soon shoving an old faded shop rag in her mouth. I make sure it stays put, by means of multiple wraps of black tape. I then clamp her nipples with the extremely strong green clamps. With her tits bound the way they are those are about the only ones strong enough to grip. Next, I tie her big toes up to her ankles. I hood her with a nylon stocking. More tape is wrapped around her mouth to make sure it stays. It is then tied off tightly overhead. I walk away and leave poor Cherry completely helpless and having to endure the pointy, wooden invader between her legs… Not to mention the clamps and extremely tight bondage. When I return, I have a long thin wooden paddle with me. I use it to smack Cherry’s bound and clamped tits. She doesn’t like this at all! Her ass and feet get a little attention as well. I grab a beverage and then sit in my lounge chair and enjoy my handy work. As I sip my , I poke and prod Cherry with a long thin bamboo stick for my amusement. As I am doing this, I realize that she is missing a few things. I soon get up and nose hook her. I then tie each of her pinky toes back. I sit back down and start sipping my beverage again. I poke her with my long stick again as well. She moans and mmmpphs for our enjoyment. I leave her once again to endure her predicament. When I finally return, I remove the nipple clamps and then I give her nipples a nice pinch and twist. Her nipples seem extra sensitive right now, lol. At the end of the clip I added some behind the scenes footage of her gag being removed.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 25:46
Video: 1280×720, Windows Media Video 9, 2884kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 579.5 MB