Chained naked for Joseph

Release Year: 2020

Joseph has been chained naked on a filthy toilet floor and lives like a beast for months. Locked in the dark room he has no idea how much time is passed, but he’s weakened and totally compliant. Joseph’s time has come and a punter wants to use him. Half-crazed and desperate to do anything to avoid sadistic punishment, Joseph obediently dresses in a football kit and follows Dave into the room with his client. He’s shackled and his football kit is cut off from him. His big long fat cock is groped and stroked through the silky footy shorts. Joseph feels like he’s living in a perpetual nightmare as the perverted men sniff his crotch.

A rope is tied around his neck and weighted down so any resistance makes it tighten around his windpipe. Joseph is pushed to the brink so he can’t control his body’s reaction when the men stroke his dick and he can’t stop himself growing a big fat stiffy.

With his prick standing on end his nasty punter uses a lash to thrash Joseph’s muscular arse. He leaps into the air with his big erection flailing about. This strong straight stud’s shorts are torn off him showing off his ripping muscular body. An anal hook is slid up his tight arse. Pegs are attached up his body on all his most sensitive parts and they are abruptly ripped off. The painful sensation is so intense that Joseph is totally stunned and left wide-eyed.

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 30:16
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 4.9 GB