Chad vol.6

Nothing looks better than a lean, well-built athlete dazed and spread-eagled naked on a hard surface, his stomach sucked in, back arched slightly, deep armpits stretched. The only thing that improves on such a display is some excellent rope work, that not only holds the boy down, but displays his muscles even better, making him feel completely helpless and exposed, unable to protect the most vulnerable parts of his body from whatever mischief his master might have in mind. And mischief is exactly what rope man James has on his mind as he ties Chad down, using an elaborate combination of ropes on his arms, chest, feet and lower legs. As Chad slowly gains consciousness, he becomes aware of the discomfort of the hemp rope digging into his flesh – and in his mouth, like a bit. Then James starts to whip him – with double whips – up and down his body. He can do nothing but absorb the blows and hope against hope that the whips don’t cut into his exposed cock, which seems to grow with each blow.

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