Chad Part 7

Much to Chad’s horror, rope man James has a whole collection of ropes and whips he wants to try out on his slave boy. The new whip is a nasty little bright red-and-grey flogger – striped with bright colors like one of those especially venomous snakes. He whips Chad up and down his body – even the bottom of his feet. He gets even more creative with his hemp rope, tying Chad’s big toes to the ropes binding his chest, making his feet even more vulnerable to the flogger. He then ropes Chads beautiful balls and uncut cock to the ceiling and works the boy’s cock before dropping his leather kilt and plumping up his own cock. Now it’s time for a little face-fucking. Our roped slave gags and sputters as James shoves his fat cock – complete with a nasty tip piercing – down Chad’s throat. James’ cock and balls are sweaty and stinky from spending so many hours under that hot kilt and now Chad is forced to lick them clean.

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