Chad Part 4

Rope man James has got Chad just where he wants him: roped down, immobile, with his ass up in the air, ready to be fucked. And that’s exactly what James has in mind for him. But first he needs to warm up him up with the whip. James gives the straight stud a good whipping on his broad back and ample butt cheeks – and teasing his puckers asshole, too. Chad squirms and moans, but takes the beating. Then he feels a cold squirt of lube on his ass crack – and he knows what’s next. James starts with one finger, then two, then three, widening that virgin butt hole, getting it ready for something much larger – the hard-rubber dildo. James punges the thing in, making Chad moan with pain and pleasure, than fucks the boy deep and hard, fast and slow, while also working his cock. And, after he’s had his fill of fucking, ropes the thing in, plugging Chad’s butt like a good little slave.

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