Chad Part 2

Hairy straight stud Chad is spread-eagled on a king-sized bed. Our new rope man, James, has him roped at his wrists and ankles and also at his knees, lewdly exposing his ass. The boy is not only helpless and humiliated, but completely exposed – the perfect target for the pinwheel! James starts with Chad’s feet, pricking his soles and toes with the razor-sharp rolling pins. Then he moves up Chad’s legs, then over his inner thighs and ass. He attacks every inch of the boy’s body: his biceps, pecs and abs, making Chad scream through his ball gag and thrash about. Now it’s time to switch to some “pleasure.” He lubes Chad’s beautiful uncut cock. Soon the thing is rock hard and throbbing, making Chad moan in humiliation – a humiliation that doubles when James shoves a finger up his exposed asshole.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:11
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