Chad Part 1

James, our new rope man, is a real artist. He sees a new boy as a blank canvass, ready for him to shape as he pleases. After keeping Chad literally undercover in his spare bedroom for the last day or so, hogtied with steel cuffs on his wrists and ankles, James pulls down the sheet covering his prize, revealing a fine piece of young manhood. The boy is well muscled, with just enough body hair to make him look like a man, not a teenager. He’s hooded and gagged, better to keep him docile, and wearing nothing but tight Calvin Kleins. He is in a self-imposed trance, which often happens when a man is helpless and alone in complete darkness for many hours. A good slap to the face brings him back to reality. He struggles and strains against the steel cuffs, showing off his fine physique. Removing the hood reveals a very handsome face, perhaps that of a young executive. Now let’s get a peek at that cock: It’s uncut, and large, with ample balls. This is going to be fun. But first we need to tie him down.

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