Carissa Montgomery and Elizabeth Andrews: Office break in

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Carissa and I were sitting on the desk after work, in the office, gossiping about our day. Suddenly a man was standing in front of us, commanding that we put our hands up in the air. We did as he said though we were a little befuddled how he got passed office security. Some one was definitely getting fired for this. The man handed me a briefcase and told me to open it. The briefcase was full of rope. He pointed to Carissa and told me to tie her up. I played along and tied her wrists and elbows together. Before I moved any further with the bondage, the man told me to take her panties off. I put my hands up Carissa’s tight black skirt and slid her panties down off her legs. I handed them to the "captor" in case he wanted them as a souvenir. Instead he told me to put them on the desk and to pull my panties off. I slowly pulled them down my legs and laid them on the desk beside Carissa’s. The bad man then pointed to Carissa and told me to finish tying her up. I lashed her ankles together quickly before the man made his way to me. He grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back.

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