Description: Fashion-model Carey was caught on his way to the capital. They hand-cuff and strip-search him before he has to go on his knees and give a good blow-job to his captors.

Carey was on his way to this year?s Novo Sazky fashion week. He was booked by a French fashion company that just re-opened their shop in the rebuilt city center. The offer was good but he could not book a flight right in time. So he decided to go by car. Carey was stopped about 25 km before the capital. And even though he had a valid visa Ivan cuffed him and took him to the remand prison.

In the beginning he was protesting heavily. But Ivan rudely pushed him upstairs towards the interrogation room. There Mecko was waiting and examining the new catch closely. They asked a few questions which were answered by Carey. Then Ivan unlocked the cuffs. “Undress!” was the order. Carey was shocked. “Undress? Why?” he responded. Just a second later Ivan pushed him and both guys came closer to show him that they cannot brook opposition.

Now Carey obeys the commands given to him. Slowly he unzips his shirt. Ivan again pushes him. “Faster, we don’t have the whole day.” Now Carey hurries. Frightened he realizes that he has no rights in this country. He takes off his shoes, his belt, his pants. “Now the underwear!” is Mecko?s next order. No sooner said than done. There he stands: naked and humiliated. His shy eyes are fixed to the ground. He gets hand-cuffed again. What a body, Mecko thinks, well-trained and toned.

Ivan sits back on the desk and opens his pants. A huge and fully erected cock comes out.“Now on your knees”. Carey is desperate as he realizes what is going to happen now. Ivan grabs his well-styled hair and pushes his dick deep inside the guy?s mouth. One gag, one choke and the blow-job starts. “Better suck well cause this ain’t gonna be over soon.”

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