Captive Slave part 1

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Mahina. She was ready to go, eager to please and to show our appreciation we caged her before we threw her to the wolves. Or wolf rather…Ivan released his captive slave and got down to business roping her into place and flailing on her bubbly ass with the whips. Mahina’s lack of time in the Dungeon with us was evident, this is what she needed and she confirmed this with her moans as the whips landed. A tight crotch rope would lead into Mahina bent into position where she would receive an inner thigh caning that would have her clutching at her ties. Mahina wasn’t on Easy Street here and that would become even more apparent when she was rigged to the table, TENS pads in place, while Ivan introduced her to his blow torch. Then, a dildo buried deep inside her, and it didn’t take much to coax a massive orgasm out of her. Finally, Mahina’s last stand comes as she is roped upright and clothes-pins are applied to her flesh. Her screams echo throughout the Dungeon as Ivan meticulously picks them off one by one

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