Captive Blonde – Part 9

Felix continues to dig his sharp poker deep into his beautiful slave boy’s navel and armpits, making young Leo squirm and squeal. God it hurts! Felix just can’t stop hurting this boy, with his lean, well-muscled body, perfect skin and angelic good looks. Leo is naked, flat on his back, gagged, his ass stuffed with a large, hard-rubber butt-plug. “Hold your feet still!” Felix barks. The young master wants to try something new: bastinado, the smacking of the bottom of the soles. Felix has heard it’s extremely painful, since the soles have so many nerve endings. And, sure enough, even light strikes with the crop make Leo jump and yelp; hard smacks make him cry out in pain. After enjoying his slaves feet and navel, Felix frees the boy from the table and straps his wrists and ankles to each side of the pillory. Now Leo will be flogged, for hours, on the front and back of his totally naked, hairless body. His reaction when the whip hits his cock is priceless.

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