Captive Blonde – Part 8

When his captor gives Leo some fish-net undies he thinks it must mean he’s being allowed to get ready to leave, since he’s been completely naked for over a week. Such a stupid boy. We just want the fun of seeing him in sexy undies and then cutting them off. Leo, in his slut-boy briefs, is displayed on a table, his ankles spread and chained, his wrists locked in a pillory behind him, making him flex his abs and arch his back seductively. Felix Frost’s hands are all over Leo’s hot bod, then his cock and balls, once the briefs are cut off – of course. Then Felix is doing his favorite thing: sucking a beautiful, boy’s cock as he struggles against his bounds, flat on his back, gagged, a butt plug shoved up his ass and nasty, steel clips digging into his nipples. A bit later, Flex does something brand new: He tortures Leo with a sharp spear, pocking it deep in the boy’s navel and armpits and gouging a heart-shape on his chest. Pleasure and pain, indeed.

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Duration: 19:13
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