Captive Blonde – Part 6

At first, blonde slave boy Leo thinks hanging naked on the cross is an improvement. At least he’s not being whipped or shocked or forcibly fucked. He is very fit so holding himself upright on the cross isn’t too hard. But, even before his muscles start to feel the real strain, Felix Frost appears with his flogger. Leo moans as the whip crashes into his lean torso, over-and-over. “Chin up!” Felix commands, so he can whip Leo’s pecs. “Yes, sir,” the crucified slave says, absorbing more blows to his creamy skin and straining muscles. Felix sprays his wounds with and continues the flogging, faster and harder. After a while, Felix allows his slave to simply hang in agony, for hours, until the muscular young Leo hangs limp, a quivering mass of boy flesh.

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