Captive Blonde – Part 5

Leo has been bound to the fuck-bench for hours, his ass exposed and totally vulnerable. He knows he will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. Then Felix Frost walks in and tests the boy’s tight ass with a spear-shaped butt plug. Leo’s asshole is as tight as a nun’s pussy, so Leo greases it up with his fingers then pushes the plug in. College boy Leo feels totally , naked, helpless and now fucked. Then the ass beating begins. Felix whips the boy’s plugged ass over and over, making him thrash with pain. His ass cheeks sting like hell but the inside of his ass hurts even more, as the plug throbs with each blow. Felix beats the kid for what seems like forever, delivering a steady series of blows with the leather paddle until Leo’s ass is covered with deep-red welts. Felix then fucks the kid with the dildo for a while then replaces it with his finger, finger-fucking kid while stroking his cock. Leo finally spurts a huge load of cum all over the floor – very much against his will. Such a beautiful boy beat, fucked and jerked-off. Next week: Crucified.

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