Captive Blonde – Part 10

You see young men like Leo on every college campus: young and confident, lean and fit, completely comfortable being out in public with their shirts off, their perfect, hairless bodies shimmering in the summer sun. You fantasize about having such a beautiful boy as your personal pain-slave, stripped naked, bound and gagged in your dungeon, completely helpless, your personal property. You fantasize about flogging that sexy body, watching his cock jump, his abs flutter, his pecs and ass flex as he squirms and moans under your whip. Then you take his dick, red from the flogger, into your mouth and suck it until it becomes rock hard, completely against his will. He’s turned-on by your mouth despite his fear and his pain. Then he cums, pumping out rope after rope of cum, a quantity of splooge only a 20-year-old could produce. Felix Frost, the lucky bastard, gets to live-out that fantasy – but you get to watch. Next week: A new muscle boy.

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