Candle – Debut

Release Year: 2020
Cast: Candle
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

Another flexible girl that loves to be tied up. You know, sometimes I forget that this is not necessarily an easy thing to find. I guess after tying girls up for a living for the past ten years things tend to get a bit confused in my brain. I mean, I’m already lucky enough to have figured out that there is a substantial number of girls out there that like to dress very, very sexily. I know that in society in general, this can be a bit of a problem. Although it seems that the newer generation of gals seems to have less problems with this than when I was growing up. Maybe not. Maybe I just happen to see more gals that like getting dressed up in ultra sexual clothing. They seem to thrive on it. Some of them transform personality… it is quite something to see, really.

I understand of course that even when you find a girl that likes to get dressed up in sexy clothes for you – and even on top of that likes to be tied up, that doesn’t mean she can get her elbows together like Candle can. You might have noticed that when I work with gals that are quite flexible, I tend to have fun with the bondage. I make it a bit more elaborate than just tying the elbows. This tie isn’t exactly complicated. But it’s tight and the knots are out of the way and in the right places – especially the one between her legs. It makes it a lot more difficult to get out when you can’t reach the knots to untie them. I didn’t originally tie her hands to her crotchrope, because I wanted to give her a chance to struggle a bit, but when the hogtie came, I just couldn’t resist. Call me a creature of habit… Candle might give you her opinion, but I’m afraid that the gag is rather large and a bit too effective. Maybe we’ll have to leave her a for a little while to give her a little alone time. That should allow to concentrate on just how she is going to be able to get free of those ropes – or maybe just reinforce just how helpless she is…

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