Caddy’s Challenges part 2

Caddy will never give her Dom an easy read…there’s something about her that always leaves one guessing where she really stands…that’s not exactly submissive…never the less, she enjoys tough bondage and sincere play…and she is very fun to play with if you can essentially ignore her…her giggling, her nervous twitching…then again, you just have to tune those things out so that you don’t miss her expressions of pleasure and displeasure…they can be awe inspiring…Her tight body is something to see as it squirms and convulses…and after playing with Caddy, even her giggling and nervous twitching just become another expression of her state of mind…but I did enjoy paying them no heed…it inspired me to a new level of depravity…indulging the power of having my way with a tiny, feminine, adorable woman who is doing her best to affect me with her reactions…this update is full of tight bondage and hard play…enjoy.

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