Bryan & teague

Studio: chaosmen

If you tuned in last week for teague’s solo, you saw how much energy and sheer it takes for him to nut.he seems to like a little pain with his pleasure, practically pounding his balls, and literally beating his cock into in the short time we had spent, i knew that he was up for a little cock teague admitted during his solo, he is a dirty boy, and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of limits, which is unusual for an edge video candidate. so we got a little extra nutty, and i had lot of fun, ‘cuz i felt like he was way into everything we tried. for being 18, he has lots of experience, and i think he enjoyed finally getting in returnwhat he is used to giving. likewise for this edge video should make those fans who cry out for more fantasy sequences happy. it’s mostly fantasy stuff, the blow job truly becomes secondary this time out.this is a great one guys. i didn’t think i could think of any other nutty stuff to do, but i guess i just need a naughty greek…

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