Brutal Tops – Master Guy & Master Billy – Booted Tops Relentless Tormenting Pony Training


Dropping his full weight onto jason’s back Guy demands a ride courtesy of the harnessed pony. Billy provides the beast with some additional encouragement to get moving, lashing it’s bare arse cheeks with the crop to pick up the pace…

Guy treats his pony to a taste of Billy’s arse through the thin white underwear thats tucked up into his bum crack. A task the sub attacks with vigour, stuffing his face deep into Billy’s crevice to get a whiff of the sweet scent that lies within…

Sitting down on the exhausted sub the Top’s tease it by kissing loudly, ordering jason to service their sweaty arse cracks with his mouth, just as Master Guy a humiliating and stinking fart right over the sub’s face…

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Duration: 00:14:11
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