Breeder Fuckers – Charlie Session 5

Dressed in his uniform you can imagine this straight boy being the bully of the school. When he’s around older superiors he’s nothing but polite “Yes sir… no sir” but his true nature is a homophobic bastard that likes to dominate and mock those he feels are beneath him. Now the tables are turned and he’s trussed up with his legs in the air and his arse pointed invitingly up. Faced with the men intent on dominating Charlie his real attitude emerges as a venomous bad-mouthed cunt. He’s taught proper respect by a man who gobs directly in his face. Ingeniously cruel discipline is administered as his arse and balls are flogged in between wickedly cruel tickling to the sensitive soles of his feet.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:27
Video: 480×270, AVC (H.264), 351kbps
Audio: 94kbps

File size: 100.8 MB