Brandy HogCuffed Nude – Scene 1

Brandy has been a real bitch lately… complaining and whining about everything. I can handle a lot, but I had finally had enough. She had planned to go out with friends that night, but I ruined those plans. Dressed in the boots and panties that she had picked out, I cuff her and attach the cuffs to the overhead hoist. I walk up with a gag for her, but before I gag her I pull her head back by her hair while I grope and smack her ass. I strap the spider ring gag in place and fondle Brandy a bit more while she’s left strung up for my enjoyment. With that ring gag in place Brandy should be on her knees and thats where she goes. I attach a length of chain from her handcuffs to her leg irons to make sure she won’t be going anywhere. I release her from the overhead hoist and stand her back up. She’s still fighting me and being a brat, so I smack her ass and then attach her cuffs and leg irons with a length of chain as I continue to grope and manhandle her. I decide to strip her nude. her panties are ripped off and used as a gag after removing the ring gag. Black tape holds them in tight. After Brandy is regagged, I put her on the cold dirty floor and put her in a hogCuff variation. Her arms up and over her head and attached to her leg irons. I enjoy watching the bratty princess roll around on the dirty floor after how she has been acting lately. I think she’s in need of some attention though… she always is. I manhandle and grope her more as she squirms on the floor, before leaving her once again. As much as I am enjoying this, she has too much freedom for my liking, and I want to see if her demeanor has improved. I sit her on a chair with her arms still cuffed in front and ungag her. She’s still being pretty feisty so I calm her down by putting my hand around her throat. She calms down quite a bit, but she still hasn’t had enough.

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