Boy For Sale – Marcus Chapter 1 The Merchandise (1080p)

Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

The young, submissive boy Marcus finds himself in Master Felix’s hands on this week’s Boy For Sale. The quite, handsome young man is stripped and tested as the older man assess his value for his upcoming auction. Marcus hardly spoke when I took him in. His soulful eyes communicated most of what I needed to know. The way he looked at me, I could tell this lost boy was in desperate need of a man’s touch. Naturally, I knew I could be of some use here. As I took him in, I could practically hear his heart beating out of his chest. His quiet intensity was thrilling for me, even as someone who was brought many boys into my inventory. His submissive spirit was one of the strongest I’d ever seen, and I could not wait to test out his skills. When I removed his clothes, I was amazed at how perfect and smooth his skin was. It stretched over his muscles as taught as a snare drum. With so little on his body, I knew there was nowhere for pain or pleasure to hide. Every touch, every kiss, ever smack would find its way deep inside him. The thought was enough to make my cock hard in my pants, and I knew my buyers would love such a responsive whipping boy. Immediately, I struck my hand against his chest. The reverb stuck my hand hard as the make had nowhere to go but hard flesh and bone. I could see the boy’s face wince as I did this, but he did not cower. He accepted it. Completely. A true giving soul. The skin reddened in a perfect five-fingered imprint, raised up where I’d made my mark. It was so beautiful, I wanted the boy for myself. But I know better than to consume my own wares. I put the boy on his knees and watched as he brought his head close to my crotch. He breathed deep the musk that permeated out of my nuts and through my pants. He wouldn’t say it, but he wanted it. Badly. But, I had not given him permission to enjoy me. I smacked him across the face, feeling the palm of my big, broad hand meet his smooth, narrow face. His response was intoxicating. A ringing of his bells and a moment of disorientation, followed by the same acceptance and perseverance. This boy wasn’t just eager, he was durable. A highly valuable trait. I had a series of tests I wanted to perform to assess his strength of will. The first being the nipples. Every boy is vulnerable on these little nubs, but not all are especially sensitive. Some require time and training to get them there. But even still, they make for perfect points of torture. Twisting and teasing can be as effective as any paddle or flog. As I ran my fingers over his, I increased pressure and intensity, wanting to see just how much he could take. I was amazed just how hard I could go before he asked for mercy. Again, not with words, but with his breathy, desperate, submissive sounds. It was like training a new puppy, unable to speak. And when he reached his limit, I gave him a good smack on his chest. The next test was his cock. I pulled it out of his pants, stripping him of his jeans and underwear so that I could access his nuts. I let them hang low and exposed. I gripped them in my hand like I would the knob of a door. I squeezed it, gently at first, feeling their firmness and warmth in my hand. I turned them, little by little, twisting them until they were like two hard grapes about to be plucked from the vine. And just before they would pop, I let them go. As they dropped, I loved how they bounced up and down. I ran my fingers under them, feeling them hot from attention, and tapped them again and again. I could tell this made Marcus’ insides move as he reacted beautifully from his gut. It was quite a sight to see a submissive endure that kind of genital abuse and still stand for more. And lastly, my favorite test… the ass. A boy’s hole is his most prized possession. For our purposes, it his true sex organ. Not the penis as he had been told his entire life, but the orifice that was made to receive the loads of his future owners. Some will be gentle, some will be rough, but all must be satisfied with their property’s hole. Putting him on his back, I looked down at his perfect pucker, primed and ready to be used at my discretion. I placed a glass probe on his hole, held in place by his soft, smooth cheeks. I ran my hands over them, feeling their quality as he dutifully kept himself in place. Reaching for the lubricant, I ran it over his cock before dripping it over his anus. The shine coming off of his milky skin would be enough for most to big top dollar. But I needed a more thorough inspection of his assets.

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