Box of Torment

Release Year: 2020

This is the final installment of videos featuring our Swiss friends Aski (Aski85 on FetLife) and Asuka. These two guys enjoy dressing fem and playing domme and sub with a selection of cool fetish gear. In this video Asuka is carefully restrained inside of a padded shipping box, along with an e-stim butt-plug. There’s a reason the shipping box is lined with sound isolation foam. Her hands are first wrapped in pallet wrap, then covered with pink duct tape which renders her fingers totally useless. After her hands are covered, metal shackles are closed and locked around her wrists. Two padlocks and a chain secure her wrist shackles to her thighs. This setup is completely inescapable She’s wearing a stiff and solid metal collar, and a latex corset.

Asuka’s feet are slipped through two holes at the end of the box and a pair of patent ballet boots are then slipped on and laced. For additional security lockable cuffs are wrapped around her ankles and joined with a short chain. A breather ball gag is inserted deep into her mouth and the buckle is fastened tightly behind her head. Asuka lies back in the box. With her arms at her sides, it’s a tight fit. However, once she’s fully positioned, the bright colors of her face, hair, lips and taped hands against the gray box make a sight to behold. This scene is something like a sexual fantasy, reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland.

All the while, Aski has been testing a strange little box with a few switches, a crank and some wires. This is the e-stim generator. Unlike sophisticated e-stim boxes with flashing lights, dials and displays, the main component of Aski’s box is a hand-crank generator. These generators were first used in telephones, and later in military field communications. The real secret behind these generators is that they produce quite a punch of electricity when the crank is turned.

Once the long box is closed and locked, all we see are Asuka’s booted feet sticking out the end. This is when Aski turns from a pleasant and gentle domme to a sadistic mad scientist. As Aski slowly turns the crank, screaming sounds from Asuka can be heard from inside the box, and her patent ballet-boots jerk and squeak together. As we witness the pain and torment that Asuka is experiencing inside the box, Aski has a big smile on her face. Aski climbs on top of the box and assumes a more comfortable position, and continues to turn the crank and smile. We can tell by watching Aski’s big beautiful eyes that she loves to hear the screams and moans. We are watching a true sadist and masochist at play!

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 16:01
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

File size: 2.9 GB