Bound Struggling & Gag Talking Escape Attempt

Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Video language: English

I am just getting home from a long day at the office. As I’m fumbling around with my keys and trying to unlock the door, little do I know there is someone watching me. As soon as I open the door, I am grabbed from behind and a white cloth is shoved between my teeth as he uses the gag to pull me back as I kick and scream as my purse goes flying. Next thing I know, my wrists are tied behind my back, my ankles and knees are bound and my vagina is split so far in 2 with a excruciatingly tight crotch rope. The chest rope ensures my arms aren’t moving and helping my hands go numb. Right from the beginning all the way thru my bondage struggling torment, I gag talk and gag talk and gag talk. I beg you for mercy, I plead with you to let me go, I beg you to release me, but all you do is watch me struggling around this dirty, hard cement garage floor. The more I struggle the tighter the ropes seem to get, not loose. I really try to struggle in every possible position to try and get the ropes off but instead, the only thing that comes loose are my white highheels and the dirt from the floor onto my knees and skin. The more I struggle, the more raggedy and dishevelled I become. I am dripping sweat and I am gag talking constantly. I realize I cant escape the ropes but i see a door that I might be able to escape the house. I use my now bare dirty feet and toes to unlock 1 of the locks, then realize my toes aren’t strong enough to unlock the other. I carefully stand up in my bondage and use my almost completely numb hands to finish unlocking it. I open it and hop out to the freedom outside as I lose my balance and fall to the ground to continue my struggling. I beg and plead, please help me. Will you please help?? ********I have included a still bound and gagged thank you at the end of this video. Yes, im smiling and loved every minute of this dirty sweaty strict torment:)*****

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