Bondagen Sitting At Edge Dungeon

Release Year: 2020

The goal of this scene was to try out the new ‘Cuff Protectors’ from DecerningSpecialist. These special leather cuffs use Velcro to attach around your wrists, and then allow standard handcuffs – or in this case ankle cuffs – to be closed around your wrists and protect your wrists from the harshness of the cuffs for long term bondage play. Since the cuff protectors are made of thick leather, they add to the overall circumference of your wrist, so you need to use ankle shackles to fit around the wrist protectors, and ‘oversize boot shackles’ to fit around the ankle protectors. All these various size shackles can be found on the HandcuffWarehouse site, and the cuff protectors can be found on the DecerningSpecialist site.

In any case, my wrists were secured to bolts in the wall with the cuff protectors, and my ankles were secured to bolts in the floor using other metal shackles and no cuff protectors because I was wearing boots which protected my ankles. This was an awesome experience, it felt great and I felt totally helpless with the two layers of rubber mitts and then the feeling of the strict metal shackles locked to the wall. I was in bondage heaven. I was in the zone. and with the thick faceless hood and its rubber pressed against my mouth and eyes. I would like to try this overnight. As a side note, I would not feel comfortable going overnight in this hood if I were lying down because it’s too easy to choke on my own saliva and not be able to catch my breath. But sitting up allows me more control of my swallowing and managing my breathing as I drift in and out of sleeping. If I drift off to sleep while lying down, and then awake abruptly and panic, it’s too easy to choke and not be able to catch my breath because I forgot that my mouth is covered by the thick rubber and I can only breathe through my nose. Having said all of that, the experience of being chained to the wall in the thick hood and cuff protectors was totally fantastic! One other comment about the rubber hood from BlackStyle – the hood in this video is a size medium which I was borrowing from my friend Elise Graves. It is an older hood and it was labeled inside as LARGE. So I ordered a large hood for myself, but when it came it was too big for me, so I gave it to a friend. I will order a medium hood next. I guess the hood I’m borrowing was old and the BlackStyle sizing and labeling has changed over the years.

The second video in this update is an old video from 2012 when Dalton was mummifying a visitor to his famous ‘Gingerbread Board’. MummyEd showed up and told us he had a guy tied up in his van that was parked outside. So, I followed him outside with the camera to see this guy who had been tied up in the back of his van for hours. Unbelievable. Back in the early days of this website bondage seemed to be happening every day at the Institute, and you never knew who was going to walk through the door. Many people have passed through the Institute, and the bondage scenes we shoot have changed a lot since then. Originally, we weren’t interested in shooting sex, just bondage. But many scenes we shot ended up with sexual play, so slowly came around to shooting the sexual play too. That said, the focus of this site remains on the bondage gear itself and they fun and excitement that can be experienced with the gear. And the more unusual or extreme the gear the better! I hope everyone enjoys the videos we present as much as we do shooting them. It’s all a labor of love, for bondage and exciting gear. 🙂

Format: mkv (Matroska)
Duration: 13:39
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264)

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