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Self-Bondage Challenge – Krystal’s Lost Key:
Getting herself into the bondage was easy. A few belts on her legs, handcuffs locked behind, and a sightless hood, the latter seemingly throwing a wrench into her escape plans. After accepting the challenge, she planned on using the hardwood floors to her advantage. The problem with hoods and a little struggling is that it is easy to get yourself turned around. Suddenly, what seemed like a small area for Krystal to find her key became an empty desert. Quelling her panic and ignoring the building heat in her hood, she pawed at her restraints, hoping she had made a mistake. It was no use, as she had done her job all too well. There’s only one way out, and Krystal will have to finish what she started. The hard way.

Krystal vs. The Cage Bait:
It’s a given rule that anybody who sleeps in is subject to random adventures. So, when Krystal wakes up with her legs tied, hands handcuffed behind her, and gagged, she isn’t surprised. Making her way off the bed, she looks for the key she assumes is hidden nearby. After striking out, she heads downstairs and spots it almost immediately. Dangling in the middle of the cage, it taunts her. After climbing inside she realizes she still can’t reach it and will have to use more desperate measures. Little does she know she’s falling for the bait and will soon have bigger problems to deal with.

Krystal vs. Black And Tan:
It’s not that Krystal doesn’t look incredible wearing just pantyhose. It’s that bondage makes everything better. So with vinyl tape in hand I set to making her look perfect. Her legs are frogtied first, with her hands taped into tight fists afterwards. There won’t be any prying fingers trying to grant her any escape. More tape follows around her head, silencing any protests and ensuring the nylon on her head stays in place. Finally, several wraps are put around her elbows with more cinching it tighter. Moments later she’s covered in panythose bound tight with tape. Perfection.

London vs. The Deep End:
To the uninitiated, the of a f orgasm seems impossible. The of not wanting more orgasms is even more foreign. So, when London says she’s up for anything I push her right into the deep end. Zipties are pulled tight from head to toe making her part of the pole she’s tied to. She’s well aware of the wand between her legs which has been positioned so she can just escape its vibrations for a moment, if she really tries. After testing her bonds for a bit I give London a taste by switching the wand on. Her reaction is immediate, followed quickly by her first orgasm. By her second she was up on her toes trying to escape. Her muscles can’t last long, so my hand thumbs the switch, only this time setting it to high.

TripSix vs. Her Nipple Rings:
I’ve been known to occasionally torment TripSix and her piercings in the past. I guess the same way the sun occasionally rises. With such a wide palette to choose from, and an adorable frame to match, who could resist? She starts off easy, with her elbows cinched together, legs bolted to her hair, and a big spider gag. She manages to struggle hard enough that the chair moves across the room. Two little screws through her nipple rings into the chair put an end to her escapades. This also leaves her terribly vulnerable to tickling, and is soon confirmed with drool covering my floors. Not to worry. I make sure she licks it all up before the gag comes out.

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