Bitchy Wife Briella Wants To Be Put on a Pedestal But Ends Up on Her Knees

After a long day at work, all I want to do is come home, watch a little TV and relax. My wife comes storming in and immediately starts yelling about me doing something! Most of the day she’s on the internet chatting and wine, but I won’t get into that. She tells me I should get a hobby, and that she should be put on a pedestal, among other things. I’ve had enough and a plan forms. I tell her she’s right. I go out in the garage and start my new hobby. Briella walks by the garage door and hears power tools and hammering. Soon after, I grab Briella with a hand over her mouth and I shove her up against the door. I shove a gag in that bitchy mouth of hers and then I handcuff her. I make her spread her legs before I smack her ass a few times. I then sit her in a chair and quickly tie a rope around her waist. I grab her by her hair and roughlymmanhandle her as she protests and yelps through her gag. Briella struggles as I tie some rope around her ankles. I rip open her blouse and grope her bare chest. A posture collar is then buckled around her neck. Her new pedestal is pulled up beside her. 2 birds with 1 stone… I have a hobby, and Briella now has a pedestal! Briella mmmppps and struggles as I make a few adjustments. I remove her handcuffs and retie her wrists with rope, before I remove her ballgag. Briella is loud, so a better gag is needed. I know that she’ll really be loud and upset once she’s up on her pedestal, so I’m thinking ahead. A large sponge is shove in her mouth and tightly taped in. Soon after, I’m untying the rope around her waist.

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