Billy – Session 4

Release Year: 2020

After working his pony really hard Master Billy waters it with fresh Master’s piss as punishment for coming second in their race against Master Guy and baldy. Aiming his young cock at the sub crouched on the floor, Billy empties his full bladder of urine across sam’s head and body, coating his pony in stinking piss.

Master Guy and Master Nick cannot resist the opportunity to join Billy in humiliating sam, standing over the already drenched sub they too urinate on the useless cunt.

As a reward for carrying Guy across the finish line first, sub baldy gets fed some generous gobs of spit from his Masters. What a lucky pony baldy is.

Nick hasn’t forgotten that sam has to be properly punished for being so crap as a pony, taught a lesson that he won’t easily forget. For acting like a useless ungrateful cunt sam will get treated like one, a game of winner fucks the loser fits the bill.

Master Nick knows that nothing would make this bottom happier than having his Master’s thick hard cock buried deep in his gut, so that is exactly what he won’t be getting. Sub baldy is made to hump sam’s arse like a while Nick gets his cock and ballsack serviced in the sloppy wet mouth, each testicle sucked and slurped on like they are fat juicy gobstoppers.

Sporting a rock hard erection Nick plunges it into baldy’s anus, riding the sub hard and stretching it’s hole as he takes his pleasure. Master Guy pushes his penis into sam’s face for it to get kissed and worshipped by the sub’s slutty lips. Taking his Master’s growing cock into his mouth sam sucks on it, savouring its taste as his lips and tongue work together to make Guy hard.

It’s only a matter of time before sam draws the wrath of Master Guy, forgetting to shield his teeth while sucking on his Master’s thick dick. Billy steps forward and orders the useless cunt to lick is sweaty hairless balls clean, at least there shouldn’t be any dental mishaps with that simple task.

Tongue bathing the young Master’s bollocks is a treat that sam does not deserve; However Billy has a punishment ready to unleash on the unsuspecting bottom. The attention his sensitive scrotum is being given has made Billy hard; Using his cock as a means of torment he pushes his erection into the sub’s mouth and down into the back of sam’s throat. Rising up onto his toes Billy face fucks the useless sub, damaging the cunt with his cock and delivering his eye-watering penalty to the prick for his lack of discipline while serving his Masters.

Guy now takes over from Billy, pushing the sub to the floor he positions himself behind sam and penetrates the bottom doggy-style, fucking him in a relentless Top’s assault.

Nick nears his orgasm; Pulling his throbbing cock out of baldy’s arse he positions himself over the sub’s face and unloads a creamy thick deposit of spunk over it’s lips which baldy is ordered to clean up and swallow.

Having used sam’s hole as a fuck toy Master Guy pulls out and spurts two lengths of cum across the sub’s back and arse cheeks; baldy’s treat for winning the race will be to clean his Master’s spunk from sam’s crack.

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